The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art

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By James Clifford

The drawback of Culture is a severe ethnography of the West in its altering kinfolk with different societies. interpreting cultural practices similar to anthropology, trip writing, amassing, and museum screens of tribal paintings, Clifford exhibits authoritative bills of different methods of existence to be contingent fictions, now actively contested in postcolonial contexts. His critique increases questions of worldwide value: Who has the authority to talk for any group's id and authenticity? What are the basic components and limits of a tradition? How do self and "the different" conflict within the encounters of ethnography, go back and forth, and smooth interethnic family? In discussions of ethnography, surrealism, museums, and emergent tribal arts, Clifford probes the late-twentieth century crisis of dwelling at the same time inside, among, and after tradition.

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