People of the Big Voice: Photographs of Ho-Chunk Families by Charles Van Schaick, 1879-1942

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People of the large Voice tells the visible historical past of Ho-Chunk households on the flip of the 20 th century and past as depicted throughout the lens of Black River Falls, Wisconsin studio photographer, Charles Van Schaick. The kinfolk relationships among those that “sat for the photographer” are essentially noticeable in those images—sisters, buddies, households, younger couples—who look and reappear to fill in a chronicle spanning from 1879 to 1942. additionally integrated are candid pictures of Ho-Chunk at the streets of Black River Falls, outdoors relations dwellings, and at powwows. As writer and Ho-Chunk tribal member Amy Lonetree writes, “A major variety of the pictures have been taken quite a few brief years after the darkest, so much devastating interval for the Ho-Chunk. Invasion, ailments, war, compelled assimilation, lack of land, and repeated compelled removals from our cherished homelands left the Ho-Chunk humans in a struggle for his or her tradition and their lives.”

The e-book comprises 3 introductory essays (a biographical essay through Matthew Daniel Mason, a serious essay by means of Amy Lonetree, and a mirrored image via Tom Jones) and 300-plus duotone pictures and captions in gallery variety. certain to the venture are the identifications within the captions, that have been researched over a long time with the aid of tribal contributors and genealogists, and comprise either English and Ho-Chunk names.

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Will Thunder (NaNikSayWaHeKah) is seated on an embroidered blanket that looks in lots of of Van Schaick’s photos, ca. 1902. This blanket used to be now not Ho-Chunk, yet a studio prop. eighty  humans of the massive voice Charlie Greengrass (HoeHumpCheeKayRayHeKah) stands to the left of Will Thunder (NaNikSayWaHeKah), ca. 1899. households and kinship  eighty one Thomas Thunder (HoonkHaGaKah) sits among Emma Thunder Littlesoldier (WePaMaKaRaWinKah), left, and his spouse, Florence Littlesoldier Wallace Thunder (MauKonNeeWinKah), ca. 1905. eighty two  humans of the large voice Clockwise from most sensible left: William Thunder (WaConChaHaTeKah) is seated to the left of his spouse, Mary Mollie Prophet Thunder (HoWaChoNeWinKah). Their childrens are seated in entrance of them: Kate Thunder (WaRoSheSepEWinKah), left, and Lucy Thunder (ENooKahKah). The younger lady resting her hand on William’s shoulder is unidentified. Will Thunder (NaNikSayWaHeKah) and Emma Mary White Greencloud-Redcloud Thunder ( JumpBroShunNupChunTinWinKah), seated in entrance in their daughter, Ivy Thunder (Kate Greencloud), ca. 1918. Thomas Thunder (HoonkHaGaKah) and his spouse, Florence Littlesoldier Wallace Thunder (MauKonNeeWinKah), ca. 1895. households and kinship  eighty three Mary Mollie Prophet Thunder (HoWaChoNeWinKah) holds her daughter Kate Thunder (WaRoSheSepEWin­Kah), ca. 1891. eighty four  humans of the large voice Thomas Thunder (HoonkHaGaKah) wears problematic Ho-Chunk regalia, together with an eagle feather bonnet, floral beaded blouse and breechcloth, loom-beaded bandolier baggage, choker, and an Indian Peace Medal. He holds a calumet pipe, ca. 1910. households and kinship  eighty five Fred Kingswan (MaHeNoGinKah), ca. 1904. 86  humans of the massive voice Kate Thunder Miner (WaRoSheSepEWinKah), ca. 1905. households and kinship  87 Caroline Mary Decorah Blackdeer (CheHeTeChaWinKah), left, wears a silk appliqué blanket (waį zeenįbawoore), and Kate Thunder Miner (WaRoSheSepEWinKah) wears a scarf (waį) adorned with silver brooches (hiiwa­ pox), ca. 1906. 88  humans of the large voice Kate Thunder Miner (WaRoSheSepEWinKah) stands subsequent to Hilda Alice Stacy Funmaker (HoWaChoNeWinKah), ca. 1922. Lucy Wilson Blackhawk (HoChunkEWinKah), seated, with Donald (Dun) Blackhawk, left, Margaret Blackhawk, and Virginia Blackhawk, ca. 1932. households and kinship  89 Clara Kingsley (Big) Blackhawk (KeesKawWinKah) incorporates her son Andrew John (Big) Blackhawk (WaConChaHoNoKah) on her again, ca. 1887. utilizing a scarf as a again sling was once a standard option to hold babies during this interval. ninety  humans of the massive voice Clockwise from best left: Will Stohegah Carriman (WonkShiekStoHeGah), seated subsequent to Andrew John (Big) Blackhawk (WaConChaHoNoKah), wears a beaded belt and bandoliers throughout his chest, ca. 1893. Andrew John (Big) Blackhawk (WaConChaHoNoKah) holds his son Clarence Blackhawk (WaCheeWaHaKah) and is seated subsequent to an unidentified guy, ca. 1911. Andrew John (Big) Blackhawk (WaConChaHoNoKah), a global battle I veteran, is pictured the following in 1926. The Ho-Chunk powwow grounds close to Black River Falls, Wisconsin, have been donated to the tribe in his honor.

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