Islam in China: Hui and Uyghurs between Modernization and Sinicization

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  • October 9, 2016
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By Jean A. Berlie

Islam in China defines the Muslims of China, specifically the Hui (Chinese Muslims) and the Uyghurs. ideas of nationality (minzu) and umma (Islamic group) in addition to research of chinese language tradition or Sinicization permit the reader to appreciate the particularities of Islam in China. Mosques, Sufism, feasts, and kin form the Muslim society and its ethos. After the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, modernization performs a tremendous position within the lifestyle of those Muslims; the extraordinary improvement additionally impacts Islam during this a part of the realm. China’s modernization constitutes a version for Southeast Asia and is helping the Yunnanese Hui in Thailand and Burma to be pleased with their nation of beginning. One bankruptcy portrays the Thai and Burmese abroad chinese language, particularly in Chiang Mai and Mandalay.

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