Eyewitness Travel Guides: Mandarin Chinese Visual Phrase Book (EW Travel Guide Phrase Books)

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By DK Publishing

Combining the easiest of DK's visible and audio methods to studying languages, the Eyewitness trip visible Phrasebooks with CDs train the words which are crucial for navigating effectively abroad.

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Mei xiaoshi duoshao qian I’m a newbie ㊠㚾⊬⯵傔 woshi chuxuezhe I’m very skilled ㊠䞇⿢㞘佞欛 wo xiangdang you jingyan Is there a playground? 恨⇎㞘㻇ở⟉⒦焭 zhe’r you youlechang ma Is it secure for kids? 恨Ⲉ⇎䭴Ⱈ⇷⒦焭 zhe dui ertong anquan ma OUTDOOR actions ⌷䋸❼ 㻇ở⟉ dongwuyuan zoo youlechang playground 扝榟 欠剹壛念 yecan picnic qi zixingche biking 攢洋 欠櫻 diaoyu fishing qima horseback using 㖏ⴸ 婑溮 panyan hiking guanniao birdwatching 117 118 activities AND relaxation activities AND rest China can supply the visitor a variety of cultural occasions, entertainments, rest actions, and activities. even supposing theater and opera attraction basically to a minority, most folk get pleasure from going to the movie show and karaoke bars, and gazing or enjoying activities. as well as conventional ambitions, resembling martial arts, wrestling, and kite flying, video games akin to desk tennis, badminton, basketball, and football are more and more renowned, and you may even move snowboarding within the northeast of the rustic. activities AND relaxation relaxation TIME i love… ㊠☫㮱¤ wo xihuan …art and portray ¤匉㞾┛佧䗊 yishu he huihua …movies and cinema ¤䗄 ┛䗄 曱 dianying he dianyingyuan …the theater ¤⋶曱 juyuan …opera ¤㯛⋶ geju I favor… ㊠㞃☫㮱¤ wo geng xihuan …reading books ¤䞚ỵ kanshu …listening to tune ¤Ⓕ梂ở ting yinyue …watching activities ¤䞚ῢ允㱣巪 kan tiyu bisai …playing video games ¤䐸㻇㊞ wan youxi …going to concert events ¤⑊Ⓕ梂ởᾩ quting yinyuehui …dancing ¤庂劭 tiaowu …going clubbing ¤⑊⦫ナᾩ qu yezonghui …going out with buddies ¤┛㞚⑚⊉⑊ he pengyou chuqu I don’t like… ㊠ẜ☫㮱¤ wo buxihuan That bores me 愲〗㙯僙 na rooster wuliao That doesn’t curiosity me ㊠Ⲉ愲ẹ㴰∃帲 wo dui nage meixingqu 119 120 activities AND rest on the seashore am i able to hire… ㊠⑾ὴ䩮ẏẹ¤ wo keyi zuyige …a jet ski? ¤㳃ẙ㓸㋧⒦焭 shuishangmotuo ma …a seashore umbrella? ¤惽曂ᾭ⒦焭 zhangyangsan ma …a surfboard? ¤≁㷹㠎⒦焭 chonglangban ma …a wetsuit? ¤㿫㳃㞜⒦焭 qianshuifu ma 㸆㽸➃⺍ 㷽㳃㲣䒒 haitanweijin seashore towel fushuiqiqiu seashore ball 怊⁎㌧⑯彉㦔 㙴⇘ⰳ qingbian zhedie tangyi deck chair riguangshi living room chair you could pay attention… ● 䨐㯱㻇㶂 jinzhi youyong No swimming. ● 㸆㽸∂晼 haitan guanbi seashore closed. ● ⿉⦶㿫㷐 qiangda qianliu powerful currents. on the seashore ⦹曂旫 惽曂⻌ taiyangjing sun shades zheyangmao sunlight hat 㻇㶂売 曁㛡㵈 youyongyi go well with fangshaiyou suntan lotion 冩弋 jiaopu fins How a lot does it rate? 121 柱∆┛㳃ẚ┋Ⓡ䰰 mianju he shuixia huxiguan masks and snorkel ⦩Ⲡ敀焭 duoshaoqian am i able to pass water-skiing? ㊠⑾ὴ⑊㽠㳃⒦焭 wo keyi qu huashui ma Is there a lifeguard? 恨⇎㞘㗠䖮ⓧ⒦焭 zhe’er you jiushengyuan ma Is it secure to… ¤Ⱈ⇷⒦焭 anquan ma …swim right here? ➷恨⇎㻇㶂¤ zai zhe’er youyong …surf right here? ➷恨⇎≁㷹¤ zai zhe’er chonglang 122 activities AND rest on the SWIMMING POOL What time… ὏ỗ㚅₨¤ shenmeshihou …does the pool open? ¤㻇㶂㳯⾏㗍焭 youyongchi kaifang …does the pool shut? ¤㻇㶂㳯∂晼焭 youyongchi guanbi Is it… 恨㚾¤ zheshi …an indoor pool? ¤ⰳ∔䜓㻇㶂㳯⒦焭 shineide youyongchi ma …an open air pool? ¤ⰳ⦥䜓㻇㶂㳯⒦焭 shiwaide youyongchi ma Is there a children’s pool? 恨⇎㞘⇎䭴㻇㶂㳯⒦焭 zhe’er you ertong youyongchi ma the place are the altering rooms? 㞃売ⰳ➷╹焭 gengyishi zaina Is it secure to dive?

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