Dictionary of Anthropology

By Charles Winick

A entire source of anthropology.

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"If you must be aware of what anthropology is, examine what anthropologists do," write the authors of Social and Cultural Anthropology: a truly brief creation. This enticing evaluation of the sphere combines an obtainable account of a few of the discipline's guiding rules and method with considerable examples and illustrations of anthropologists at paintings.

War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage

The parable of the peace-loving "noble savage" is continual and pernicious. certainly, for the final fifty years, hottest and scholarly works have agreed that prehistoric battle was once infrequent, risk free, unimportant, and, like smallpox, a illness of civilized societies on my own. Prehistoric war, in response to this view, used to be little greater than a ritualized online game, the place casualties have been constrained and the consequences of aggression particularly light.

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From handshakes and toasts to chant and genuflection, ritual pervades our social interactions and non secular practices. nonetheless, few folks might determine all of our day-by-day and festal ritual behaviors, less clarify them to an interloper. equally, a result of number of actions that qualify as ritual and their many contradictory but, in lots of methods, both valid interpretations, ritual turns out to elude any systematic ancient and comparative scrutiny.

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It's preserved in approximately eighty brief inscriptions and glosses recorded via classical authors. Carib. A language family members of South the USA. See ARAWAK. cartoon. An artwork shape concerning the planned distortion of a person’s beneficial properties for the aim of mockery. it's stated to were brought through the brothers Carracci in Italy on the finish of the sixteenth century. caries. enamel decay. The measure of degradation of tooth of fossil males is frequently an incredible clue to the type of meals they ate, their common healthiness, and similar elements, and therefore is helping date them and their tradition. Caries is a affliction characterised by way of inorganic breakdown by way of natural disintegration of the the teeth. In sleek civilized cultures, the excessive prevalence of caries is taken into account to be in direct share to the excessive measure of sophisticated carbohydrates within the nutrition, even if a little analysis means that the caries are associated with the swap from challenging to smooth meals, in order that this may be an instance of the consequences of disuse on organs with mechanical capabilities. Australian aborigines and Maoris who had very good tooth generations in the past now in general have an identical excessive decay fee because the English, underlining the significance of swap in nutrition in inflicting caries. caritive. concerning a syntactical type used to designate verb varieties in yes languages that experience an analogous denotation because the English preposition with out. Carmel, Mount. The fossils present in the Mount Carmel caves date from the 3rd interglacial interval, most likely sooner than the early top Paleolithic period. The tradition was once most likely Levallois-Mousterian. The skeleton is heavy, the neck brief, the forearm bones directly and lengthy. the pinnacle is extra like that of an early Homo sapiens than Mousterian. it really is attainable that Homo sapiens and Neanderthal guy crossbred to provide hybrids just like the Mount Carmel humans. carnelian. A crimson chalcedony (q. v. ), generic for seals. it really is alleged to therapy disorder, embolden in conflict, and safeguard opposed to harm. Mohammed had a carnelian ring. carnival. A group get together which has been saw from the center a while to the current, in Europe and the recent international. Parades, floats, and noise making are usually came upon. Carnivals used to start initially of spring and should be a relic of early ceremonies for celebrating the disappearance of iciness and its damage to the vegetation. carnivore. A meat eater. carol. A music in English, often tied in with Christmas celebrations, The carol can have initially been an accompaniment to a dance. cartilage. A translucent elastic tissue that composes a great deal of the skeleton and embryo of vertebrates. it really is switched over to bone within the larger vertebrates. Cartilage in mammals strains the surfaces of joints and offers a resilient floor among relocating bones. Cartilage can also be known as gristle. cartomancy. Divination (q. v. ) by utilizing playing cards or cards. Gypsies commonly use this method. cartonnage case. See CASE, CARTONNAGE. cartouche. A scroll layout; an decoration formed like a scroll; a pill with its edges rolled up.

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