Jedi Academy Training Manual (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)

By Rodney Thompson

"So, you must study the methods of the Force..."

Written because the final Jedi education guide, The Jedi Academy: education Manual online game complement unearths the secrets and techniques of the Jedi throughout all eras of the Star Wars saga, from the earliest days of the outdated Republic to the darkish occasions and the reemergence of the Jedi Order after the autumn of the Galactic Empire. It provides avid gamers intriguing new skills, feats, strength powers, and kit for his or her Jedi characters. It additionally elaborates at the identified Jedi combating kinds and gives new how one can construct your personality round a specific combating kind.

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The '70s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 1)

By Shannon Appelcline

Every little thing YOU’VE desired to find out about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

Designers & Dragons: The ’70s is a finished photograph of the beginnings of the RPG undefined. This moment variation expands the unique unmarried ebook right into a sequence of 4, and we’ve additional over 50,000 new phrases to this quantity on my own. know about the colourful heritage of TSR and the wave of D&D encouraged video games (and gaming businesses) to keep on with, and dip your ft into wargaming trivialities. despite your gaming historical past, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched heritage won’t disappoint.

In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword through Greg Stafford, writer of Glorantha and writer of King Arthur Pendragon
  • Profiles for 13 Seventies gaming businesses together with TSR, GDW, and Chaosium
  • The within scoop in the back of video games like D&D, traveler, and The fable Trip
  • Ten stuff you would possibly not learn about roleplaying within the ’70s
  • An huge bibliography and index
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    Bigger Bads

    By Benjamin Baugh

    Larger Bads is a sourcebook for the multi-Ennie Award-nominated roleplaying online game Monsters and different infantile issues. higher Bads is written via Monsters writer Benjamin Baugh and illustrated through Robert Mansperger.

    Bigger Bads introduces quite massive monsters to the sport, in addition to enjoyable new principles techniques, new recommendations for “weird kids” with their very own vast powers, a brand new crusade environment, and a ton (actually, loads of lots) of latest antagonists.

    Bigger Bads gains . . .

  • New ideas for big monsters.
  • New non-compulsory wrestle ideas for children and monsters.
  • New “weird kid” powers.
  • New ideas for making significant risks and failures part of the action.
  • A new crusade environment, cross cross Monster strength Zeta!
  • Loads of latest antagonists! company monster Levi A. Than . . . Mi-Go’Jirrah the amazing Fungus Lizard . . . Your (Hot) New Stepmom (from California) . . . and dozens more.
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    Strange Alchemies (Promethean: the Created)

    By Chuck Wendig, Jess Hartley, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Wood Ingham, Joseph Carriker

    It’s a chilly World

    The Pilgrimage is an extended and lonely street, yet each Promethean needs to stroll it. The Created don't come into the realm understanding what steps to take upon this street. they have to research from others in their style, from their creators and from painful event. over the years, they could unencumber the secrets and techniques in their humours, altering their our bodies to raised live to tell the tale a global that shuns them. yet each discovery leads purely to extra uncertainty, and the entire Created can do is press on, led by means of the promise of Mortality.

    A chronicle sourcebook for Promethean: The Created

    This publication includes:

    • targeted dialogue of every of the Lineages and Refinements, together with new Transmutations and Bestowments

    • considerate essays discussing many matters very important to Promethean chronicles

    • "Strangers at the Hill," a brand new tale within the “Water of Life” chronicle all started in Promethean: The Created, set in Boston

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    GURPS Alternate Earths

    By Ken Hite

    Guidebook to making and enjoying in a single of six parallel Earths. comprises maps, histories, personality varieties and every little thing you wish for another Earth campaign.

    GURPS exchange Earths might be made to reserve for a size hopping crusade resembling GURPS Time commute, yet i think it additionally offers avid gamers a chance to work out how our personal international "might have been" if only one occasion in historical past used to be replaced. And it presents possibilities to set complete adventures, or even complete campaigns in these worlds.
    The six various "Earths" during this booklet are nearly textbook examples of the now renowned "What If" line of SF tales. the 1st international, "Dixie", provides us a good suggestion as to what may need occurred if the South had gained the yankee Civil battle. It covers the time from secession to the time whilst the accomplice States of the USA grew to become a superpower. the second one global, "Reich 5" provide us a chilling examine the realm lower than Nazi rule and the resistance attempt nonetheless lower than means years later. The 3rd international "Rome Aeterna", assumes the Roman empire by no means fell. The fourth international, "Shikaku-Mon", assumes the traditional eastern Empire conquered the area. The 5th global, "Ezcalli", has info for an odd Earth the place the may perhaps of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans is unsurpassed. The 6th and ultimate global is the strangest of all. "Gernsback" begins with an easy postulation: what if Nikolai Tesla's innovations labored and have been utilized by a person with the monetary genius of Morgan? Flying autos and broadcast energy are common.

    There are rules for adventures, characters, or even entire campaigns for every of the worlds, together with numerous paragraphs approximately even stranger worlds that diverged from those six. those "reality seeds" provide inventive GM's much more trade worlds to explore.

    People wishing to take advantage of books like Harry Turtledove's exceptional exchange earths books desire glance no extra for concepts of the way to recreate his books for an odd parallel international crusade. hugely instructed for GURPS GM's and urged even to SF fanatics eager to discover the ramifications of what may occur if...

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    Rifts Mercops

    By Pat Nowak, Carmen Bellaire

    Rifts Merc Ops

    More from the imaginations of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire, proposing criminals, desperados and fugitives sought after via the CS and different specialists, every one a chance for event and action.

    Highlights Include:

    Weapons, gear galore, together with goods from Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Northern Gun, and Magefire.
    Villains and rogue mercenary companies.
    Tolkeen fugitives and the falsely accused.
    NPC villains and adventures galore.
    Written by means of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire.
    Cover via John Zeleznik. inside artwork via Williams, Okamura, and Drunken type Studio.
    160 pages, Cat. No. 865.

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    Ghostwood Haunts: DW3: A Dungeon World Adventure

    By Johnstone Metzger

    Ghostwood Haunts is an introductory experience module for the Dungeon global delusion role-playing game.

    In the midst of the Ghostwood, the village of Knifesbridge holds an insignificant few thousand souls, yet difficulty sufficient for all. A gang of bandits preys upon the neighborhood highway site visitors, drug dependancy spreads via sleepy village streets, and corruption on the center of municipal politics stymies all makes an attempt to revive legislations and order. Worse but, a lifeless witch's ghost seeks vengeance, and a demon waits to stroll once again underneath the Ghostwood's leaves. on the crossroads among those fronts lies and outdated, deserted tower, and the secrets and techniques buried underneath it is going to tear this village apart.

    Inside this experience module you'll find:

  • Two whole fronts with 3 hazards each.
  • NPCs for every of those six hazards, plus extra to populate Knifesbridge.
  • Suggested and not obligatory scenes that extra the villains evil scenes.
  • Crime, political corruption, and drug addiction.
  • Ghosts, witches, and a demon.
  • Maps of significant locations.
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    Burning Horizon

    By Matthew Grau, Bob Arens, Robert N. Glass, Bruce H. Graw, Stephen McQuillan

    Somewhere, It Burns...

    The sands of time slip in the course of the hourglass. the hot Earth executive mounts a determined initiative opposed to the Migou’s seat of energy. those who police the ar- cane underground face an invisible foe. The Disciples of the Rapine typhoon descend throughout the ashes to attack the Land Down less than. a perilous plague all at once grips the electorate of the recent Earth executive. And an unforeseen best friend returns from the void, a gentle within the darkness.

    The finish includes on. Welcome to 2087.

    Discover how humanity makes an attempt to discover a technological part. stay stunned by means of the on-going inner Nazzadi conflicts. observe that for which the Migou were scouring the Outback. And, regrettably, whatever perverse is born in the sacred arcane circles of the Esoteric Order of Dagon – a few that makes the Chrysalis company very indignant. All whereas difficulties just like the starting to be road crime hold over from 2086. discover a yr within the unusual Aeon or lose your self within the lies and fake it isn’t happening.

    Nowhere else will you discover a environment like this.

    Inside this e-book you are going to find:

  • A carrying on with exact exploration of the Aeon warfare, detailing the $64000 occasions of 2087 and every thing that is going with them.
  • Seven items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the surroundings, in addition to a four-page comic.
  • A examine popular culture within the unusual Aeon, so as to add extra special style on your game.
  • An exploration of 4 smaller year-long plots that may be utilized in any video game, with feedback on the best way to weave them into your tale.
  • A special examine 5 significant parts of the overarcing CthulhuTech storyline, together with the conflict opposed to the Migou in orbit, the go back of unforeseen allies, a hemorrhagic plague that sweeps the hot Earth govt, the Chrysalis Corporation’s pursuits opposed to the workplace of inner defense, and the march of the Rapine hurricane into the Land Down Under.
  • A tool-kit of data, occasions, and proposals for Storyguides to exploit each one of those significant storylines, placing your Characters entrance and middle for the most important motion within the setting.
  • New expertise, mecha, and cars – relatively these designed to be used within the vacuum of house – in addition to house wrestle rules.
  • This publication is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling online game and calls for the middle Book.

    This ebook is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and hectic content material and pictures. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    The Grey Mountains (MERP ICE #3113)

    By Craig Paget, Karen McCullough, Joseph A. McCullough V

    Forming the northern border of the Rhovanion and Mirkwood, the gray Mountains span 400 miles: from Angmar's Witch-realm to the Iron Hills. Shot via with Dwarven mines, Orc warrens and Dragon caves, the Ered Mithrin are a chilly and foreboding levels. They promise treasure and event, yet extra usually convey an premature loss of life to explorers. Take your Middle-earth crusade to the sting of the nippiness Forodwaith and ship your avid gamers around the lethal Withered Heath; simply watch out for Dragons!

    The gray Mountains includes:

    - 17" x 22" Full-Color Map depicting the gray Mountains diversity and northerly Rhovanion.
    - nine demanding Adventures, together with a 4-adventure mini-campaign. those travails take explorers from one finish of the gray Mountains to the other.
    - distinctive Layouts of the Dwarven urban, Norr Dum, the Ice-orc castle, Kala Dulakurth, and various different haunts scattered all through this implementing mountain range.
    - In-depth details at the Dragons and Dwarves of the gray Mountains and the Withered Heath.
    - Stats and history details on quite a few personalities and beasts who wander the frigid north of Middle-earth.

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    CONTINUUM: Roleplaying in The Yet

    By Sean Jaffe, Chris Adams, Liz Holliday

    The roleplaying video game of real time commute is now on hand. in case you may learn how to span time at will, what type of civilization may you be getting into? Hailed through the SciFi Channel as "Unusual", this new online game breaks the entire previous saws of time trip and takes a clean, incisive strategy that has surprised gamer and difficult SF lovers alike.

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