Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#

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The perfect beginner's advisor to C# and object-oriented programming

Wrox rookies' courses have the appropriate formulation for buying programming beginners up and working. This one introduces newcomers to object-oriented programming utilizing C# to illustrate all the center constructs of this programming framework. utilizing real-world events, you will find the right way to create, try out, and carry your courses and the way to paintings with periods, arrays, collections, and all of the components of object-oriented programming.

  • Covers precisely what newcomers, even people with no previous programming event, want to know to appreciate object-oriented programming and begin writing courses in C#
  • Explains the benefits and downsides of C#, and counsel for knowing C# syntax
  • Explores homes, encapsulation, and sessions; worth facts varieties; operands and operators; blunders and debugging; variables; and reference types
  • Shows tips to use assertion repetition and software loops, comprehend arrays and collections, and write your personal classes
  • Also covers inheritance and polymorphism

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C# makes use of the tried-and-true Wrox formulation for making this well known programming technique effortless to learn.

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