AP Chinese Language and Culture

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By Yan Shen

This brand-new handbook prepares scholars for an issue that has simply been additional to the complicated Placement software. Separate sections overview all elements of the recent examination: Listening, analyzing, Grammar, talking, and tradition. each one part additionally contains workouts, and the listening and studying sections contain perform questions with solution keys and resolution factors. The publication displays the AP exam's criteria, proposing questions in either conventional and simplified chinese language characters. full-length perform tests are provided with resolution keys.

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What does the writer are looking to let us know? perform making inferences with the subsequent dialog. 7-9400_YAS_Chpt02. indd 28 6/26/2009 2:36:28 PM Listening Comprehension CD 1 tune four 29 1. [Traditional-character model] (Woman) ്ࣥΔ‫܃‬૞ऱ߷‫ݺࠢڗء‬൅ࠐԱΔ࣋‫܃ڇ‬ऱோ՗ՂԱΖ ਢ້ྱ೿Δ᝔᝔‫܃‬Δ‫್ݺ‬Ղ‫װ‬ஞΖ‫܃‬෼‫ڇ‬૞‫ڃ‬୮Ⴏ˛ (Man) (Woman) լΔ‫ݺ‬٣‫װ‬ቹ஼塢ଗ༓‫ء‬஼Δྥ৵٦‫ڃ‬୮Ζ ᦫᎅ‫܃‬ਤ֚‫װ‬झ՞ԱΔ৻䈥ᑌ˛ (Man) (Woman) լᙑ೿Δ֚௛ৰ‫ړ‬Δ༉ਢ՞ՂऱԳ֜‫ڍ‬ԱΖ‫܃‬Ո૞‫˛װ‬ ૞ਢԳ߷䈥‫ڍ‬Δ‫ݺ‬༉٦უუ‫ܣ‬ΖኙԱΔ‫ڶݺ‬ԫሐᑇᖂᠲუംം (Man) (Woman) (Man) ‫܃‬Δ‫܃‬չ䈥ழଢ‫ڶ‬ழၴ˛ վ֚ඡՂ‫ݺ‬୮㠪‫ڶ‬រࠝࠃ-! ֚ࣔ‫ܣ‬Δ‫܃‬઎֚ࣔ৻䈥ᑌ˛ ޲ംᠲΔ༉֚ࣔ‫ܣ‬Ζ߷֚ࣔߠΖ [Simplified-character model] (Woman) ᓴᵫˈԴ㽕ⱘ䙷ᴀᄫ‫݌‬៥ᏺᴹњˈᬒ೼ԴⱘḠᄤϞњDŽ (Man) ᰃ߃⨇ଞˈ䇶䇶Դˈ៥偀ϞএᣓDŽԴ⦄೼㽕ಲᆊ৫˛ (Woman) ϡˈ៥‫ܜ‬এ೒к佚‫޴׳‬ᴀкˈ✊ৢ‫ݡ‬ಲᆊDŽ (Man) ਀䇈Դ᯼໽এ⠀ቅњˈᗢМḋ˛ (Woman) ϡ䫭ଞˈ໽⇨ᕜདˈህᰃቅϞⱘҎ໾໮њDŽԴг㽕এ˛ (Man) 㽕ᰃҎ䙷М໮ˈ៥ህ‫ݡ‬ᛇᛇ৻DŽᇍњˈ៥᳝ϔ䘧᭄ᄺ乬ᛇ䯂䯂 (Woman) (Man) ԴˈԴҔМᯊ‫׭‬᳝ᯊ䯈˛ Ҟ໽ᰮϞ៥ᆊ䞠᳝⚍‫ܓ‬џ, ᯢ໽৻ˈԴⳟᯢ໽ᗢМḋ˛ ≵䯂乬ˈህᯢ໽৻DŽ䙷ᯢ໽㾕DŽ in response to this piece of dialog, scholars can infer the solutions to the next questions: 1) who's conversing? scholars. 2) the place are they speaking? the lady is on the man’s position returning a dictionary, yet he isn't there. three) What are they speaking approximately? Lending dictionaries, testing books, mountain climbing a mountain, and doing arithmetic homework. Making inferences is helping scholars learn info that's not without delay expressed, yet implied. scholars not just need to pay attention for the literal meanings of person phrases but in addition comprehend their implied meanings. utilizing this approach, scholars could make guesses or assumptions approximately audio system’ reasons and attitudes. this is one other instance: [Traditional-character model] ‫ݶ‬រߨլ‫ړ‬ႯΔ૞լྥ༉ᙈࠩԱΖ (Man) ‫ݺ‬ऱᕀᇿ֜೏ԱΔ‫܃‬٣ߨ‫ܣ‬Ζ (Woman) [Simplified-character model] ᖿ⚍䍄ϡད৫ˈ㽕ϡ✊ህ䖳ࠄњDŽ (Man) (Woman) ៥ⱘ䵟䎳໾催њˈԴ‫ܜ‬䍄৻DŽ 2. What does the lady suggest via her assertion? (A) (B) (C) (D) 7-9400_YAS_Chpt02. indd 29 She can’t stroll any swifter. Her heel broke. She has different errands to run. She loves to stroll slowly. 6/26/2009 2:36:28 PM 30 AP chinese and tradition This dialog states proof: First, the guy asks the lady to stroll swifter simply because they will be overdue; and moment, the lady asks the guy to move first simply because her heels are too excessive to stroll on. From this knowledge, scholars can infer that the girl can't stroll any speedier, so (A) is the right kind resolution. hearing passages approximately day-by-day actions, social lifestyles, tradition, historical past, and fables calls for scholars to grasp a few heritage details, and to target very important occasions, characters, and relationships, to deduce the speaker’s opinion. for instance: [Traditional-character model] ԶԼ‫זڣ‬ऱழଢΔխഏԳመ‫ڣ‬ΕመᆏΔࢨृਈ๶ᘣࣛ‫֖ړ‬ழ-! ᜔ਢಬԫࠄ ቝ๨ᗶΕᗷΕֽ࣠հᣊऱ՛៖ढΖ৵ࠐΔԳଚऱ‫س‬੒ֽؓ༼೏Ա-ಬऱ៖ढՈ༉ ။ࠐ။‫ړ‬-! ቝಬ࠼೽Εፂ‫ైس‬࿛ऱբᆖլਢ֟ᑇԱΖᙟထ‫س‬੒යٙࡉ֮֏ైᔆऱ լឰ༼೏-! ԳଚԾၲࡨࣹૹ壄壀‫س‬੒ֽؓ-! Պਢಬ஼ၲࡨੌ۩ದࠐΖ෼‫ڇ‬Δ೸ࢋ 㠪ऱࣟ۫ᚨ‫ڶ‬ጐ‫ڶ‬Δ၇៖ढ㤪‫ګ‬ԱԳଚᙰకऱԫٙࠃΖվ৵ᙟထૠጩᖲऱཏ֗-! ಬᖂ฾ຌٙ‫ױ‬౨ਢ່‫ړ‬լመऱ៖ढԱΖ [Simplified-character model] ܿकᑈҷⱘᯊ‫ˈ׭‬Ё೑Ҏ䖛ᑈǃ䖛㡖ˈ៪㗙ᢰ䆓᳟҆དটᯊ, ᘏᰃ䗕ϔѯ‫ڣ‬ 㲟㊩ǃ㊪ǃ∈ᵰП㉏ⱘᇣ⼐⠽DŽৢᴹˈҎӀⱘ⫳⌏∈ᑇᦤ催њ, 䗕ⱘ⼐⠽гህ䍞 ᴹ䍞ད, ‫ڣ‬䗕੪ଵǃ㓈⫳㋴ㄝⱘᏆ㒣ϡᰃᇥ᭄њDŽ䱣ⴔ⫳⌏ᴵӊ੠᭛࣪㋴䋼ⱘϡ ᮁᦤ催, ҎӀজᓔྟ⊼䞡㊒⼲⫳⌏∈ᑇ, Ѣᰃ䗕кᓔྟ⌕㸠䍋ᴹDŽ⦄೼ˈଚᑫ䞠 ⱘϰ㽓ᑨ᳝ሑ᳝ˈф⼐⠽ै៤њҎӀ༈⮐ⱘϔӊџDŽҞৢ䱣ⴔ䅵ㅫᴎⱘ᱂ঞ, 䗕 ᄺд䕃ӊৃ㛑ᰃ᳔དϡ䖛ⱘ⼐⠽њDŽ three. What did humans provide as provides within the ’80s?

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